Envision is a Silver Certified Partner with the following Enrolled Competency and Specialization:   

  • ISV/Software Solutions


We are all feeling the bite of a tough economic climate. So let’s work together to develop a strategic approach that will help you get the most from your current IT investment.

Scenarios where Microsoft and Envision can help your business

  • Take cost out of IT budget by minimizing resources and infrastructure management

    Infrastructure management is the management of essential operation components, usually broken down into three areas: system management, network management, and storage management. There are many tools and technologies that are available to help you better understand your network environment, reduce duplication of effort, and develop risk-mitigating procedures, all of which will help you significantly cut costs.

  • Take cost out of your business by lowering energy consumption and reducing carbon dioxide output

    There are some incredible power management tools available today that can help you reduce carbon dioxide output, which is better for the environment, and lowers the cost of energy consumption, which in turn lowers the cost of doing business. This includes power management software solutions and the creation of a centralized IT administrator to control all your desktops.

  • Take cost out of your business by using conferencing and collaboration tools

    Cutting back on business travel is one of the fastest ways to save money and with the video conferencing and collaboration tools that are available now, you can trim travel costs without losing that face-to-face experience. In many cases, sharing information and collaborating can be accomplished more efficiently when done virtually, helping to reduce the cost of running your business.

  • Be smart about growing your business and conserving capital

    To grow your business, be competitive and be ready to respond to opportunities that come along, you need an infrastructure that allows for it. That means having the right tools, working as seamlessly and efficiently as possible, or the means to get the tools you need. Envision and Microsoft offer several programs designed with you in mind—each offering different ways for you to build the infrastructure you need, at significant savings.

  • Save on your software investment using Microsoft tools and promotions

    In times like these, every business is looking for ways to hold onto cash, without hurting business. One of the most effective ways to increase cash flow is, of course, by building your business. And to build your business, you need to have the capacity and flexibility to jump at opportunities as they arise. One of the best ways to make sure your business is ready, is by investing in your IT solution. If you follow your game plan, you’ll be able to maintain cash flow, and grow.

  • Save even more with Software Assurance

    Microsoft Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance offering that keeps you up-to-date on the latest software, provides phone support 24 hours a day, and includes partner services, training, and IT tools that help you deploy, manage, and migrate software. With Software Assurance, you can increase worker productivity, accelerate organizational performance, and quickly realize a return on your software investment.

Partnering with Envision and Microsoft will help you optimize your technology budget, lower IT spending, and better manage your business costs so you can do more with less—and save money.