Consulting VS Direct Hire Jobs

Consulting VS Direct Hire Jobs

Staff Augmentation positions at Envision, LLC are generally ongoing in nature with multiple deliverables using your skillsets. You are part of a larger team where you are working- either remotely or on-site.

“We want to help candidates achieve their dreams by doing the work they love for an employer that values their efforts. Our professional recruiters put an enormous amount of energy into making genuine connections with every candidate, learning about their skills and abilities along with who they are, what they want, and the things they find important.”

What Makes Working at Envision Great:

  • Envision, LLC has served its customers for over 38 years on a national basis. Both Envision, LLC and its clients are very financially stable.
  • Envision, LLC has very strong, long-term client relationships and is usually able to get frequent extensions of client assignments.
  • Consulting projects generally are more exciting and more impactful on the end client’s overall business versus often working on a narrow segment of the business with direct hire positions.
  • Consulting assignments often have more flexibility to work remotely and a better work-life balance than direct-hire jobs.
  • Envision, LLC mainly hires full-time employees and pays payroll,  taxes, insurance,  and comprehensive benefits for its employees.
  • Envision has a full-time Director of Consultant Relations to handle consultant issues and job satisfaction.
  • If layoffs are required, companies often cut highly compensated employees and backfill them with staff augmentation employees.