Our Story

Behind the scenes at Envision.

History. Community. Diversity.

Envision was founded in 1983 and headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with  branch operations in Phoenix, AZ. We specialize in staffing and recruiting solutions for IT, consumer packaged goods and retail. Over the years we have earned a reputation among employers and professionals as an organization dedicated to quality, integrity and service. That’s why Envision has been a trusted business and career partner for almost 40 years!

We Envision Stronger Communities

We are committed to doing our part. Our contribution includes funding thirty-five endowed scholarships for students attending the Washington University McKelvey School of Engineering. With so many worthy organizations that could use our donations and time, we are pleased to commit our resources to a program that can make such a direct and immediate impact.

About The Wash. U. Scholarship Program

Envision, LLC. is proud of this great program that dramatically changes lives by making it possible for students from low-to-moderate-income families to get an outstanding education at Washington University that they could not afford without a scholarship. The donor meets his scholarship recipients at the annual Engineering Scholarship dinner. A student recipient gives a speech, and the donor can see firsthand what a difference their contributions make.

Envision also gives large donations to the largest food pantry in St. Louis and the Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis.

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We Envision A More Diverse Workforce

Since the founding of Envision, we have demonstrated a strong commitment to workforce diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Everyone in the firm understands the importance of our DEI commitment. Every manager is expected to abide by our DEI policies and embrace our commitment. As part of respecting this commitment and valuing all our employees, clients, candidates, vendors, and other partners, managers are expected to ensure the work environment is free of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

EEOC Statement

Envision is an equal opportunity employer for all, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or national origin. Envision enables all qualified and motivated individuals to reach their full professional potential. Envision management manually tracks what Envision spends annually with minority and women-owned businesses in dollars and as a percent of overall third-party expenditures and requires copies of certification documents from vendors.